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Hello Great Works is a group of thinkers, designers and craftspeople. We create empowering and delightful digital products and services

  • We work to truly understand humans

  • People don’t have digital needs. What humans really need, takes time and effort finding out

    Elroy and his family were struggling to keep control of Elroy’s pocket money and keep it safe from his siblings and parents. When we presented the new app to Elroy and his dad they were both excited, not only by the design, but by the way the new app deals with the problems they usually experience with Elroy’s money.


  • We solve people problems

    Strategic design is about designing new product and service experiences that empower and delight. More often than not, it’s about linking technology with human beings. Unleashing novel technological advances to solve real people’s real problems.

    Strategic design creates opportunities, but the real trick is to know exactly what to design and why. This idea is a cornerstone of the HGW design philosophy.

  • Technological advances are transforming human interactions

    Technology is growing exponentially. The pace of progress has never been faster – yet it will never be this slow again. Game-changing technologies are transforming how we sell, market, communicate, collaborate, educate, train, innovate, and much more. And to bring everything together is the awesome transformative power of digitalisation. This is our context.

  • Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't

  • Predicting how core business is being disrupted by digitalisation and new technological advancements has become the biggest challenge in all industries.

    Business strategy is not what it used to be. Conventional trajectories about the future fall short as even the near future becomes more unpredictable.

    The answer is that innovation is a must to thrive and survive – and therefore is the number one strategic imperative for businesses all over the world.

    Our clients are actively shaping their own futures and engage HGW to assist them in the development of truly empowering and delightful new products and services.
    The best thing about it all is that the more we get to be a part of designing the way businesses interact with the world, the more we enjoy our work.

  • Our collaborations with MobilePay for WeShare, and
    COOP for its membership app received
    some special attention in 2017

  • title

    Sharing starts with a conversation

    WeShare by MobilePay

    3 x  Danish Internet Awards
    2 x  Danish Digital Awards
    3 x  dia
    2 x  dda

    Sharing expenses isn’t a goal in itself. The goal is to share experiences with your friends and not have to worry about money. WeShare solves this by melting chat and expense sharing together.

  • title

    Helping you shop smarter and see your bonus grow


    1 x  Danish Internet Awards
    2 x  Danish Digital Awards
    1 x  dia
    2 x  dda

    Coop asked us to help design the customer experience concept for its ambitious membership program. Together with Coop, we distilled two core insights and a range of features into a contextual, personalised app that helps you shop smarter and see instant rewards.

We solve business problems
by solving people problems

Jakob Langemark
CEO & Partner
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