The HGW approach


Each client requires a process that's uniquely tailored to their project, industry, and business challenge. Four basic principles guide the overall HGW approach to strategic product and service design

  • Strategic design – is for people

    Yes, we live in a world of exponential technological development. However, technology in isolation cannot unleash its full transformational potential for people and businesses. The true power of change can only be harnessed when technology is met by profound human and business insight.

    So, while we have plenty of intuition and a great sense of aesthetics – our design process is always informed by data and research that goes beyond uncovering the most evident needs and wants. It’s an opportunity to deconstruct the underlying human experience. To deep-dive into the circumstances and uncover profound insights. Strategic design starts with people – then we apply technology, platform, functionality and form.

  • Strategic design – is to be smart about technology

    Before the insights turn into design, we systematically search for technological opportunities and innovation levers. Sometimes venturing into the unknown – sometimes by uncovering how others have leveraged technology to resolve similar problems, or release latent value. Both from within the industry, as well as from completely different ones.

  • Strategic design – is hyper-dynamic

    HGW has developed a unique and powerful design methodology that forms the basis for every assignment we take on.

    However, we often remind ourselves that the trick to rules is to know when to break them. To be willing to bend the methodology when that makes sense for the project and the client.

    Our design methodology is based on agile principles.
    First of all, it allows us to create and test rapid design prototypes that create maximum visibility for all stakeholders involved. Conceptual weaknesses can be mitigated early, and new ideas can be integrated continuously. These changes are not only welcomed by our process, but fundamental changes are expected to happen as the journey unfolds.

  • Strategic design – is a team effort

    It's most likely that you'll engage our services because we can do something that you can’t. But that doesn’t mean that you won't be part of the process. To achieve great work, we need to merge and multiply your knowledge, skills and creativity with ours in an atmosphere of close cooperation.

    We take co-creation so seriously that all our clients have an open invitation to come and work at our offices. But regardless of the location, there will be ups and downs, frequent check-ins, reviews, the odd fight and celebrations. Expect nothing short of an intense love affair.

Designing without engaging the audience is like finding the perfect present for a distant cousin. No matter the time or effort, he won't like it

James Kelway
Director of Product & Partner
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