Demystifying the complex makes hard choices easy


Alka Insurance case story

When Alka Insurance asked us to help rebuild its website on a responsive platform, we joined them to take a small but important step in their digital transformation.

  • Building a strong foundation for Alka’s digital future

    It’s difficult to communicate the benefits of a product that people don’t appreciate until they really need it.

    And when those products and prices are complex - yet similar across the industry – a great customer experience becomes the most important differentiator.

  • Shortening the distance between problem, solution, and decision

  • Digital is a key element of Alka’s strategy to offer a more customer-centric experience.

    To ensure a lean, agile process, we co-created onsite with Alka and quickly become part of the Alka team.

    This agile approach gave us direct access to product owners and other stakeholders across the company, which meant we could find the right solutions together at an unprecedented speed.

    And it drastically shortened the decision-making process.


  • Making complex choices easy

    To make the online experience live up to the Alka ‘simplicity’ brand statement, the website was grouped into three main areas – insurances, claims, and a self-service section.

    Industry regulations, such as strict data protection rules, and complex legacy technology make it difficult for insurance companies to quickly adopt new digital trends.

    The redesign had to respect the technical infrastructure of the existing site, but simplify the entire insurance purchasing flow.

    Clutter and cognitive overload were removed, and complex choices made easy.

  • Impressive increase in online conversions

    Launched in June 2016, the website is already transforming behaviour.

    Jesper Sloth, Project Leader, Alka:

    “The site has reduced the bounce rate, and increased online conversions by approximately 30%.

    It’s intuitive and playful, and more people are now purchasing insurance online instead of calling an Alka salesperson, which proves that even a complex product like insurance can be successfully communicated in a simple digital experience.”

  • The right people with the mandate to make decisions were involved at the right times. This shortened the distance between problem, solution, and decision, and often occurred at the very same meeting, or ad hoc in front of the whiteboard.

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