Introducing armchair retailing for wholesalers



Bestseller, one of the largest fashion companies in Europe, made a bold strategic move when it decided to transfer the entire business model of its JACK & JONES brand to a single iPad-based digital platform, and in the same venture made life a lot easier for wholesalers, and strengthened the brand DNA.

  • Place an order in five minutes

    With a staggering 200 collections available annually, wholesale buyers had to make frequent trips to one of JACK & JONES’ many showrooms to view and order items from the label’s eight sub-brands, which often took more than half a day.

    Now, wholesalers can place orders in five minutes or less, and still experience being close to the garments and almost feeling the fabrics.

    Together with Firestarters ApS, we made a digital experience that’s even better than the real showroom experience.

  • Building a stronger brand presence and changing existing behaviour

    In the fashion industry, the wholesale purchasing process relies on hands-on contact with the product, and a close-knit relationship between buyer and seller.

    Our research showed that there are a few issues that prevent the relationship from becoming even closer: the purchasing process was unstructured, purchases were often based on personal taste, previous purchasing data was overlooked, and control of brand DNA was almost impossible.

  • Leapfrogging the physical showroom experience

  • Wholesalers have their own showroom. Video style guides of top-to-toe outfits and high definition close-ups of garment details showcase the latest trends, and present the story behind each collection.

    The solution contains designer trend interviews, catwalk videos, fabric swatch close ups, in-store merchandising guides, and multistore purchases.

  • Pre-configured sets of garments

    Carefully curated by JACK & JONES global, and the respective country manager, each showroom contains a pre-configured set of garments based on the wholesaler’s monthly budget, local preferences, and size ranges.

    This makes the purchasing process more inspiring and targeted, as wholesalers are presented with the products that have the best sales potential for their markets, which they can order in just minutes.

  • Profound business innovation

  • The app has strengthened the brand’s relationship with wholesalers, and enabled JACK & JONES to regain complete control of the brand’s DNA, from head office to retail.

    The purchasing process is now much faster and more effective, as orders can be completed in mere minutes. And it’s elevated the role of local sales staff.

    Now brand ambassadors, local sales staff can spend their time strengthening the JACK & JONES brand at retail level.

    A one-of-a-kind solution, the app is setting new standards in the industry and has brought wholesalers closer to the collections - and the brand.

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    The Bestseller app won a total of four Danish Digital Awards 2015 for Best Customer or Citizen Experience, Best Branded Utilities, Best Business Intelligence, and took home the main prize, the Grand Prix award.

    4 x danish digital award
  • It's insanely ambitious to aim for a data-driven, individual, and dynamic collection for each and every retailer. But that's exactly what it takes to complete an order process in less than five minutes.

    Lars Schmidt
    Design Director & Partner
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