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Coop membership app

Coop, Denmark’s leading consumer goods retailer, approached us with an ambitious plan for its membership program – the second largest
in Denmark.

  • Shaping your grocery shopping experience, one release at a time

    We helped create a scalable concept that funnelled extensive insight-based research into a tool that helps people decide what to shop in any one of its 1,200 grocery stores, based on your location, time of day, demography, and purchase history.

    And, you can see your bonus mount up – and use it instantly.

    Coop had two distinct criteria for its membership program: make the financial benefits clear, and make it easier for its 1.6 million members to shop for and prepare quality food every day.

    Our job was to help conceptualise and create an experience that could be rolled out in three releases over one year.

  • How can we help 1.6 million members
    shop smarter?

  • Take a peek in your wallet, or smartphone and you’ll probably see a stack of membership cards, or customer loyalty apps.

    But they’re likely to stay there if you can’t see what or how much your bonus is, or it’s unclear how to use it.

    The Coop membership app had to offer something extra.

    Coop’s research proved that when it comes to mealtimes, we all like to enjoy good, home-cooked meals, and ideally, try new things.

    But when we shop at the end of a busy day, we tend to forget all those tasty new recipes we plan to try, and fall back on our old favourites.

    So we combined membership benefits with mealtime inspiration in a scalable concept that makes deciding what to shop and cook as easy - and beneficial - as possible.

  • Not just pushing benefits, but making life easier

    At certain times throughout day, action-oriented messages appear on the dashboard with recipe suggestions, brief how-to cooking videos, special offers, and useful hints.

    The aim is to create a personal dialogue that delivers the right content at the right time, in the right context, based on your personal preferences and interactions.

  • Making the rewards instant and tangible

    When you use the app to pay for your groceries, your bonus increases and the bubble inflates.

    The sense of reward is instant, and encourages you to actually use the app when you reach the checkout, and take advantage of your special offers and bonus.

  • Learning from your shopping behaviour

  • Much like an ongoing conversation with a close friend, the app informs, predicts, and guides.

    It shares the latest news with you directly from the staff at your local store, such as tasting events, as well as exclusive membership offers.

    And the more it gets to know you and your shopping patterns, the more effective it becomes at helping you maximise your bonus.

  • Intelligent shopping with unexplored potential

    Released in October 2016, the first version contains the fundamental tools to help you make mealtimes and grocery shopping easier and rewarding.

    With new releases planned for 2017, the Coop membership app not only helps you shop smarter, it has the potential to become even more intelligent than many other food apps.

  • awards and recognitions Created with Sketch.


    “Based on a clear understanding of customer needs, [the app] lives up to modern consumer demands for convenience, engagement and mobility. A solution that will be serve as a reference case for many future projects, across industries” – Jury panel, Danish Digital Awards 2017

    The COOP membership app was recognised in the categories:

    Innovation: Established Companies/Brands – Danish Digital Awards
    Mobile: Service and Tool apps – Danish Digital Awards
    Winner of the Audience Award – Danish Internet Awards

    1 x Danish Internet Awards
    2 x Danish Digital Awards
  • This first release was all about building a scalable concept that will become stronger and better over time as we learn from the customers

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