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Coop Scan & Betal

This is the first digital service that takes care of your end to end shopping, all in one app.

  • Challenge

    Have you ever wondered how many times you have been in a rush just to find out that the person in front of you in the check-out line had all the time in the world, making you wish you were already at home?

    Supermarket shopping, especially when everyone else is doing their grocery shopping, can be a hassle. On the other hand, there’s nothing like selecting your own vegetables, touching the items you’re considering buying, seeing what’s on offer, being inspired by what’s on the shelves and throwing in a little treat for later.

    These things, also known as micro-moments, are what we focused on when we created a new mobile shopping experience. We set out to design a user-friendly mobile experience that would make the physical grocery shopping better

  • Solution

    Scan&Betal (Scan & Pay) is a feature in the already popular Coop app. You begin your Scan&Betal journey when you enter the store by checking in on your mobile device. When you scan your groceries, while doing your shopping, the total cost and possible discount is shown at all times, providing you the joy of becoming your own cashier as you scan, while removing worries about unforeseen prices and long check-out lines.

    We added a bit of friction to the otherwise frictionless flow to remove uncertainties and insecurities at check-out. Once you are done shopping, and have completed your payment, you get an immediate confirmation in the app and a green light-bulb lights up for you to show to the cashier before leaving the store, signaling that you have paid. You are now ready to leave the supermarket, hassle free – just like that.

  • Result

    Currently, Scan&Betal is gaining strong traction, highlighting the fact that Coop is adding value to a large number of Danes’ shopping experience, every single week. Transactions completed through Scan&Betal currently make up a relatively large portion of the total number of transactions.

  • It has been a great pleasure to help Coop build Scan & Betal. The solution has such a positive impact on the people who use it. At HGW we love seeing our work being used by a lot of people, and this is truly the case with Scan & Betal. Never before has so many people skipped queues with a satisfied smile on their face.

    Anders Tolborg
    Lead Experience Designer
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