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Copenhagen Municipality

Helping the Municipality of Copenhagen create a better off-boarding experience for cruise passengers at Oceankaj.

  • Feeling lost in the middle of nowhere

    You have been onboard a luxury ship for many days and cruising from one great destination to the next. All seems like a fairytale and now you arrive in Copenhagen.

    You expect to be welcomed by the sight of Nyhavn, the boats in the canals and greeted by beautiful Danes, but in reality you are standing on an open, windy and often rainy construction site. There is no “hygge” about this at all and lacking any sort of directional cues, you are now stranded in a foreign country.

  • Experiencing the problem first hand

    In order to get a feeling of the problem, we went out to Oceankaj on a windy day and saw it from a tourist’s perspective.

    Standing in line in the terminal, walking the 800 meters to the information stand, trying to make sense of large Copenhagen city maps and waiting for the bus. Experiencing the off-boarding first hand, we quickly realised that the immediate needs of newly arrived tourists who want to find transportation to the city, hotel or airport were not addressed and the confusion already starts inside the terminal.

  • Breadcrumbs will lead the way

  • To ensure you don’t feel lost, always know where you are, where to find transportation, or answers to your questions, we stretched out the wayfinding so it’s always present and relevant to where you are. Nobody should remember or guess the way - you simply just follow it when needed.

    Beginning from inside the terminal and until the very end, the wayfinding can be seen on the ground, at eye level and up high.

  • The path to the solution revealed itself when we focused on the human needs

    Mai Aastrup
    Service Design Director & Partner
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