Believe in your (un)luck


Danske Spil Alt eller Intet

Danske Spil aims to appeal to a younger audience and make it attractive for them to play lottery games. So they developed a new game with a different set of game mechanics, frequency, price, and higher probabilities to win. A game where you can win by being lucky – and by being super unlucky.

  • Challenge

    Even we know that the odds of winning the Lotto is very tiny, we still play - a Lotto ticket is more than the probability of winning, it enables us to dream. If we don’t play, we surely will not win.

    The concept of the new game Alt eller intet is challenging our perception of luck. You can win by having a set of numbers right – or you can win by having none of them right. In other words, it distorts the perception of luck and makes being unlucky a very lucky thing.
    With drawings every day, the game also has smaller prizes that increase players probability to win something. Alt eller intet has the potential of being a game that is played not only to win but to have fun and to enjoy idle time.

    The question is, how you do make it interesting enough for (young) people to play frequently?

  • Solution

    Based on an overall brand identity created by Robert Boisen combined with inspiration from mobile gaming, we designed a game that gave the user enjoyment when choosing their numbers. Our visual focus was to create a playful theme, with colourful elements and smooth flows that responded in different interactive ways. Through the use of both custom effects and deep shadows we were able to enhance the experience from being flat to becoming something more playful and engaging.

    The digital solution is using dexterity as an element to engage by allowing you to choose your numbers by swiping the app’s proposals up or down. You can also use the fast track and let the system do the job for you. Alt eller intet is an add on to the universe of Danske Spil, available through their website and their smartphone app.

  • Result

    The results created a solid turnover, which developed into a stable index. This proved to us that there is a continuous interest and awareness among players.

    The game generated a large number of visitors on the site and app, with a successful conversation rate. It has been accessed from multiple device types indicating, that a holistic approach to designing for different screen sizes makes sense.

    Half the players chose their numbers themselves, the other half let the system generate their numbers automatically. Interestingly, data showed that those that prefer to use autofill are also the ones who place twice as much! However, the players that chose their numbers themselves rather than use autofill found the experience playful and fun.

  • Finding the right balance when designing this game was crucial: Creating a smooth and enjoyable experience without encouraging bad gambling habits. This was our primary design constraint that shaped the entire product

    Anne–Sofie Spangsberg
    Experience Designer
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