Tempting you to take a bigger bite



Many would claim that Claus Meyer is a strong brand, but few could actually name Meyers' products or services. A new website changed that.

  • Gathering five websites
    into one

    What most people don’t know is that Meyers offers everything from cooking courses, delis, and bakeries, to company events, cookbooks, and restaurants, and many of these services had their own website.

    To increase customer awareness of the various products under the brand's umbrella, we gathered five different websites into one.

    Our aim was to create a quality website to match the quality of Meyers' food. If we could tempt users to stay longer and explore the website, it might help improve people's perception of how much Meyers has to offer.

  • We wanted to recreate the feeling you get when you step into a kitchen, and smell homemade bread baking in the oven. If bliss has an aroma, this would be it.

  • Follow the aroma of delicious food across the site and explore a little more

  • After conducting user tests and extensive research, it became clear just how important quality is for the brand.

    To make the navigation more intuitive, we created a menu based on actions instead of products. So take-away became ‘Order food’, restaurants was replaced with ‘Eat out’, food courses changed to ‘Book courses’, recipes to ‘Make food’, and suddenly it all fell into place. People follow their needs, which makes the site a lot easier to navigate and interpret.

    The second navigational touch was to extensively cross-link between the different services and products to inspire food lovers to stay longer. And high quality food images in deep, clear colours add extra appeal.

  • The Meyers website is one great source of inspiration for your next meal

  • Most people probably visit the Meyers website to look for something specific. But once you enter, you can't avoid being exposed to all the other services in the Meyers universe.

    You may visit to learn the recipe for sourdough, but end up booking an actual baking course.

    It was that element of surprise and inspiration we were looking for, and it seems to work, as sales went up by 70% after the website was launched.

  • Quality food requires
    quality images

    Throughout Claus Meyer's entire professional life, he's told the Danes to eat local food of the best quality, and this is why his fans respect him.

    To convey this feeling of quality on the website, a huge effort was put into creating delightful imagery.

    You can almost taste every single dish on the website, as each ingredient is displayed in great detail.

  • Iconic colours from his cookbooks connect Meyers digital universe to the real world

  • We transformed five different websites into one, which makes you five times as hungry.

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