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Over one million users have downloaded MobilePay since Hello Great Works began work on the app in 2014. It’s now on 9 out of 10 smartphones in Denmark.

  • Peer-to-peer payment
    takes over

    Shortly after MobilePay was launched in May 2013, it became Denmark’s de facto standard for peer-to-peer payments.

    It made transferring money to others as easy as sending a text message, and anyone with a credit card could use it.

  • MobilePay is now the third most frequently used app in Denmark after Facebook and Messenger. DKK 73,000 is transferred via MobilePay every single minute, on average.

    And over the past three years, the total amount transferred on the app has reached a staggering DKK 50 billion, and it continues to win market share in both Norway and Finland.

  • From design lift to
    strategic design

    The allure of the app lies in its simplicity, speed, and functionality.

    To preserve its purity, we stripped back the interface to its bare essentials, and updated and simplified the design interface.

  • Exploring new ideas in a collaborative environment

    As strategic design partner, our role is to define, validate, and ideate on new features to improve the MobilePay platform.

    Our task is to make life easier for end users, while also developing new features from a business perspective.

    Together, we brainstorm, co-create, explore and test new concepts.

    In this collaborative environment, we have the freedom and privilege to help grow MobilePay, and invent future digital solutions in the rapidly changing world of banking.

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  • Making payments flexible, personalised, and playful

    To make the payment function more personalised and playful, we added a photo feature, so people can send pictures along with a personal message and the amount.

    Listening to user needs also led to more flexibility. The spending limit was increased, and users can now easily switch between all their payment cards within the app.

    Users can also store their loyalty program cards in the app, which will eventually make wallets and plastic cards superfluous.

    MobilePay also works as payment in other apps, with the integration of a seamless app switch feature.

  • The expansion of MobilePay

  • Using iBeacon and QR technology, mobile payment in stores is increasing in popularity, because it’s fast and receipts are stored on the phone.

    At this time, more than 28,000 physical shops now accept MobilePay, and the ‘find a shop’ feature makes it easy to locate retailers on a map, which also opens up for future business potential.

    We will continue to support MobilePay in their mission to stay the market leader in mobile payment by working on the app design and uncovering new ways to improve it.

    In just five years’ time, the credit card may be close to extinction, and MobilePay could very well be the most common form of payment – not only in Denmark.

  • Preserving simplicity has been our biggest challenge as this product matures

    Shaun Dickie
    Design Lead
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