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Roskilde Festival The Duck

Finding the right information at Northern Europe’s biggest festival can be challenging. So, we wanted to change that approach in a playful way.

  • Challenge

    Due to the massive amounts of moment-by-moment information thrown at festivalgoers over the course of 4 days at Roskilde Festival, the challenge was to create an experience and help people receive information in a more playful way. We wanted to avoid contributing further to the black mirror, also known as our phones, when you’re stepping on paradise of real-life experiences such as Roskilde Festival.

    The challenge also had emphasis on utilising the intersection between humans and technology, with the aim to create a different information delivery system at Roskilde Festival.

  • Solution

    A duck-shaped voice assistant powered by solar energy that was playfully named “The Duck”, and also a moniker that reflected the festival’s history and payed tribute to the Orange Stage production team’s well-known duck mascot.

    The Duck could provide festivalgoers concert recommendations based on their preferred genre and mood, as well as inform them of other experiences and artists appearing at the festival that year. It could also play Spotify samples.

    Overall, the aim with the solution was to spread good vibes for visitors, making the interaction with The Duck an experience in itself.

  • Result

    The Duck was located on the festival site and quickly became an entertaining and popular attraction on the festival grounds and ended up interacting with thousands of people over the 4 days of Roskilde Festival.

    Since its launch, a continuation of the project has been discussed wherein several new channels could be implemented that allow The Duck to answer even more advanced questions.

  • The Duck offered an unseen, funny and yet useful way to inform people at the festival. The added value of such a system is that it uses Neural Networks so it gets better over time and can be used on different platforms, different languages.

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