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To help users improve their sitting habits on Varier's iconic Move™ chair, we designed Glow, a wearable that attaches to the underside of the chair and tracks movement, and an app that monitors, encourages, and informs.

  • A chair that moves your body and mind

    Some things are so essential to your life that you don't pay them much attention. Things like sleeping, eating, or sitting.

    Human beings aren’t built to sit still for eight hours straight, but on a Varier chair, that's simply not possible. They rock, tilt, pivot, and turn to keep your muscles active, while sitting.

    We'd been working together with Varier for some time, and approached them with the idea to visualise the movement of its iconic Move chair, and somehow give the chair a voice. Gradually, the idea began to grow on them.

    Varier designs furniture in elegant organic forms. The huge scientific effort the company puts into its movement research, and the health benefits, deserve more attention.

  • Glow visualises your sitting pattern every day, seven days a week

  • We wanted to help users develop healthy sitting habits and understand the health benefits of sitting on a Move chair.

    The app interface is built around a 24-hour clock dial. When you sit down, a circle appears. The longer you sit, the larger the circle grows. And the more you tilt and turn, the stronger the circle glows.

    Glowing circles mean you’ve been active, which has a positive mental effect. And though old habits die hard, a visual depiction of your sitting habits gives you perspective and motivation.

  • Naturescapes and personal messages

    Glow is not just data in an app. You're met with messages that tell you about the benefits of moving while sitting. The messages also encourage you to take small breaks to give you energy.

    Delightful naturescapes as backgrounds provide a sense of tranquility. Unconsciously, more people might decide to go for a walk this week. After installing Glow, they might even sit a little less.

  • Hello Great Works and Varier change the way people sit, 
one chair at a time

  • What defines a chair? And what does sitting actually mean? People don't really sit on a Move chair, but they don't really stand on it either.

    Perhaps Move is not even a chair. But what it is, is not as important as what it does.

    Move and Glow show the benefits of active sitting. They make people feel better, mentally and physically. And that's what truly matters.

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    “Another fantastic project that takes an ‘ordinary’ item with high utility and places a digital communication layer on top to give the user an even better experience” – Jury panel, Danish Digital Awards 2016

    The Varier Glow app won a Danish Digital Award in the Experimental category.

    1 x danish digital awards
  • Digital products can make abstract things tangible. In this case, we visualised your sitting pattern.

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