Sharing starts with a conversation


WeShare by MobilePay

Sharing expenses between friends is not a money problem.
It’s a people problem.

  • A social app for sharing expenses

    Danske Bank’s MobilePay team asked us for help to create a concept and design for an app that could split a bill between friends.

    This feature was already an integrated part of MobilePay in a very simple version, which was not used as much as anticipated.

    So we decided to join forces and create something better together, and Danske Bank collaborated with Trifork to program the app and backend.

    It’s not that people don’t share expenses and experiences. They do it all the time, but in different situations and across multiple channels like Messenger, SMS, email, and face-to-face discussions about who owes how much to whom.

    MobilePay was the last stop where people send the money. This insight led us to the initial idea: Sharing expenses is a conversation.

  • It starts with a conversation and ends with a swipe

  • Sharing expenses isn’t a goal in itself. The goal is to share experiences with your friends and not have to worry about money. WeShare solves this by melting chat and expense sharing together.

    WeShare enables people to talk together and share expenses in multiple groups with friends, colleagues, or family. But it’s not an Excel sheet to keep track of expenses. It’s a story of all the things you do together, and plan to do.

    In this way, WeShare differs from other split expense-apps by being a social app that actually inspires people to socialise more in real life.

  • No more asking for money

    We discovered that asking for money can create tension between friends. It feels impolite to ask, especially between close friends and relatives.

    To remove this barrier, we wanted to create a solution where no one had to ask for money. So we designed a bot that acts as a bookkeeper in WeShare. The bot informs the group when friends enter or leave, but also nicely reminds everyone to pay their share.

    It has a personality of its own, and even encourages friends to meet more often.

  • Sharing expenses is faster than making a purchase

    This was crucial for the app to work in real life. We reduced the number of steps, compared to the existing sharing function in MobilePay, so that new amounts can be added in a few seconds.

    It becomes a natural and seamless action to use WeShare when making a purchase on behalf of an entire group.

    Ideally, people shouldn’t really have to think about it. Just add what you pay for, swipe when the event is over, and it all adds up.

  • Exploring ideas in a war room environment

    We came up with the concept, mapped out the flows, and designed WeShare in just three weeks with the MobilePay team.

    Co-creating and brainstorming together in the same war room sped up the decision-making and enabled new ideas to be explored and integrated instantly.

    Find out more about our agile design methodology

  • Plan, chat, and keep track

    WeShare also features uneven splits and it’s possible to leave out friends from expenses that they are not a part of. Friends don’t even have to settle at the same time, but can do it continuously, or when they leave the conversation.

    WeShare is a social app, where friends can hang out and share experiences, without having to deal with who paid for what. It spreads a feeling of fairness and togetherness - the more we share.

  • awards and recognitions Created with Sketch.


    “A simple solution that simply solves a simple problem” – Jury panel, Danish Digital Awards 2017

    WeShare was recognised in the categories:

    Innovation: Established Companies/Brands – Danish Digital Awards
    Mobile: Service and Tool apps – Danish Digital Awards
    Use of App Technology – Danish Internet Awards
    Response/Real time activity – Danish Internet Awards
    Mobile Platform – Danish Internet Awards

    3 x Danish Internet Awards
    2 x Danish Digital Awards
  • WeShare differs from other split expense-apps as it's a social app that actually inspires people to socialise more in real life

    Jimmy Persson
    Lead Designer
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